Fleming calls on County Board Chair to seek fellow Member’s Resignation

County Board should apply ethical standards equally

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Monday, February 24, 2020

Gurnee, Illinois – The charges laid out against Lake County Board Member Terry Wilke by fellow Board Member Dick Barr in Monday’s Daily Herald are deeply disturbing.

I’m calling on Sandy Hart as Chair of the County Board to demand the resignation of her County Board colleague Terry Wilke. Sandy publicly led the charge to investigate Aaron Lawlor’s abuse of taxpayer dollars, and he eventually stepped down; she needs to apply the same pressure in this situation. The County Board has lauded their new Ethics Ordinance, and now is the time to put it into practice.”

Lauren Fleming, Republican candidate for Lake County Board District 13

The charges against Wilke and the evidence supporting his alleged abuse and theft of taxpayer funds and property are significant. The reported behavior and actions can be likened to the alleged misconduct of former County Board Chair Aaron Lawlor.

In a letter to constituents on August 8, 2018, Sandy Hart said in response to Lawlor’s alleged misuse of county funds:

Using a procurement card for personal purchases is against the law, even if the purchases are reimbursed, as it is in the unlawful use of taxpayer dollars.”

Sandy Hart, County Board Member

At that time, Hart requested the Lake County State’s Attorney’s office conduct a special investigation into Lawlor’s personal purchases with a county credit card and accusations of other misconduct.

In a Daily Herald article dated August 27, 2019, Hart said “As public servants, we need to be held accountable.”

“Terry Wilke’s actions are unlawful and are a breach of the public trust. He needs to resign, and Sandy Hart can make that happen.”

Lauren Fleming, candidate for Lake County Board District 13

Lauren Fleming, 35, is the Republican candidate for Lake County Board District 13, a small business owner and a lifelong public servant. Find out more at www.LaurenforLake.com.


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