Lake County Board member says ‘serious conversation’ needed about accusations leveled against fellow board member

March 01, 2020

Emily Coleman | Lake County News-Sun

At least one Lake County Board member is calling on the board to weigh in on accusations leveled by Avon Township trustees against the township supervisor, who also sits on the County Board [emphasis added].

The accusations center on whether Avon Township Supervisor Terry Wilke, a Democrat who represents District 16 on the County Board, purchased a piece of property and vehicles without the approval of the township trustees.

County Board member Dick Barr, a Republican whose district also includes Avon Township, said he wants to know what his fellow County Board members think of the charges, which were laid out at a February township meeting.

“I believe there needs to be a very serious conversation about it,” Barr said in an interview with the News-Sun. “I’m not willing to personally go out there and say he needs to be censured at this point.”

“We are going to stay focused on doing good work in our community for our residents and we will let Dick Barr focus on partisan politics,” Wilke said in an email. “However if anyone at all, has anything at all, that they think is illegal or even against the rules then I wholeheartedly encourage them to bring it to the authorities, otherwise it is just more childish partisan politics masquerading as concern.”

Wilke declined to respond to follow-up questions, but sent a photo of the home he purchased on behalf of the township, asking, “Would you want to live next door to this house?”

Barr as well as Lauren Fleming, who is seeking to unseat Hart from her seat representing District 13 this fall, both compared the situation to Lawlor’s.

“Sandy publicly led the charge to investigate Aaron Lawlor’s abuse of taxpayer dollars, and he eventually stepped down. She needs to apply the same pressure in this situation. The County Board has lauded their new ethics ordinance, and now is the time to put it into practice.

Lauren Fleming, candidate for Lake County Board

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